TT MVL 125 cc


The Travel Titanium MVL 125cc is our lightweight PPG range - ideal
for pilots wanting to combine power, comfort and lightness.

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For optimal comfort, the MVL is now offer with electric start – this option   
only adds 1 kilo to the unit and is ideal for all pilots who are not at ease
with manual start systems.
The performance of this engine are more than satisfactory start it has
excellent power, low noise, and very few vibrations.
Despite being a highly regarded engine, the MVL125cc incorporates
significant improvements such as:

- New centrifugal clutch obtained by CNC
- Manual Flash start system (Easy Start System)
- New reducing belt produced in a high quality rubber;
- New silencer in carbon fiber to reduce engine weight;
- New paint system in molding, improving its resistance temperatures
  and extreme conditions.

Maximum thrust propeller with a twin blade carbon propeller of 130 cm - 68 KG
Recommended pilot weight – from 50 to 95 KG;
PPG full weight: (Manual start, ring 1400 mm hoop) - 23.29 KG or 24.29 KG with E start.

Technical data

2 stroke single cylinder, Aluminium Nikasil coated, 184,70 cm3 (54×66)
Walbro WG8,23 HP / 9.580 R.P.M.
Electric ignition coil
Poly V belt driven with, centrifugal clutch
Flash starter (Easy starter system incorporated) or E start.
Unleaded gasoline + synthetic oil 2,5 % 3.3 to 3.8 / hour with 30 kg static thrust.

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